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Can you make it your own?

The strength of Eneco eMobility is our ability to create tailor-made solutions for electric transport in a fast and professional way. Our customers are mainly business customers, such as lease companies and automotive parties.  We work together in an informal atmosphere at Eneco eMobility. Thanks to the short lines of communication between the various departments, we deal with issues quickly and efficiently. There is an enormous drive within the team with which we optimally assist our customers and partners in their transition to electric transport. We feel responsible for our customers and regard their challenges as our own. We always work with respect for nature, the environment and each other, ensuring that the world becomes a little more beautiful and cleaner with sustainable, electric transport.  


What we are looking for

As demand planner you are the liaison between sales and operations. In this position you will be responsible for estimating future product demand, analyzing inventory flow and developing forecast models in the Benelux. It’s important that you obtain current and accurate sales & market information enabling to predict customer demand and provide its supply chain with the appropriate information to plan how to meet that customer demand.

Tasks and responsibilities

  • Interact with colleagues in sales, marketing and finance to understand demand forecast drivers.
  • Develop effective forecast models based on demand patterns, historical sales trends and demand drivers.
  • Provide input to your colleagues in supply chain management for developing inventory strategies on existing items, new products and product phase-outs.
  • Plan, coordinate and monitor the flow of goods from the supplier to the final consumer.
  • Place product orders at suppliers.
  • Execute controls on inventory levels.
  • Monitor and report on important changes in sales forecasts, budgets and business strategies.
  • Support management with risk assessments and mitigation activities.

What is important to us?

Customers, people and meaning are central to our company. We believe it is important that everyone feels heard and appreciated in the office and we attach great importance to our open atmosphere, the personal and professional development and the well-being and vitality of our colleagues. In a sector where developments are taking place at breakneck speed and where pressure can sometimes be felt, we believe it is important to take care of each other and ourselves. In order to keep abreast of our colleagues’ activities, we invest a great deal in our team and mutual communication.  

Your profile 

Eneco eMobility is looking for a proactive, independent colleague. You know where your priorities lie and how to manage and monitor your projects. It is important that you are a flexible colleague who is not afraid to pioneer in unknown areas. 

Our company

Eneco eMobility is a fast-growing charging service provider in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany. We make electric driving easy for your customers and take care of the installation and operation of charging facilities for electric cars. Eneco eMobility started in 2007 as a project within parent company Eneco. The company has evolved from a department within Eneco to an independent international company with 150 colleagues with Eneco Group as its shareholder. This independence is characterized by its own identity and office: Eneco eMobility is located in the heart of Rotterdam opposite from Central Station.   

Looks like we might be a match?

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