What to do in
case of malfunctions

It’s unfortunate that you’ve encountered a
malfunction! Here are some tips
to help you out.

First perform a hard reset.

This solves the problem in 90 percent of the cases. This is how you perform the hard reset:

1 – In your control cabinet, look for the fuse to which the charging station is connected. If you don’t know which fuse to use, you can also use the main fuse.

2 – Turn it off for 10 minutes. In the case of the main fuse, this means that your entire house no longer has electricity.

3 – Then turn on the fuse again. Wait until the charging station is completely reset (takes a few minutes) and then try to recharge again.

The hard reset does not work? A malfunction can have four different causes: the charging station, the charging card, the charging cable and the car

The charging station

Is it possible to charge at other charging stations with your charging card? Or does the charging station give a fault message? Then your charging station may have a fault. If the hard reset does not work, call our customer service team at 088 170 7700. They will be happy to assist you. With your charge station number at hand, we can help you even faster. You can find your charging station number on your charging station.

The charging card

Can’t charge at any charging station? Then your charging card might be the problem. If you have an Eneco charging card, please contact our customer service team at +31 (0)88 170 7700. If you have a charging card from your employer, for example a Multitankcard or Travelcard, please contact their customer service.

The charging cable

Sometimes charging may not work because there is a problem with the cable. First check if the cable is correctly positioned in the charging station. If this is the case, there may be dust or dirt in the plug output (connector). The connector is clean but you’re convinced that the problem lies with the cable? Please contact your car dealer.

The car

If it is not the charging station, charging card or charging cable, then the problem is probably your car, but this is not very common. In that case, contact your car dealer.

Ee Laadpaal
Ee Laadpaal