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Charging station at home

Always want to be fully charged on the road? With an Eneco eMobility home charger, you can charge your electric car quickly, easily and sustainably at home. Just order a charging station in our webshop. Want to know which charger fits your car best? We are happy to give you advice.

Charging station at work

Offer your employees and visitors the opportunity to charge their electric cars quickly, simply and sustainably. With charging stations at your doorstep, you are visibly sustainable and your employees and visitors drive 100% green. Would you like to know more about the possibilities? Please contact us.

Quick charger

A quick charger is ideal to recharge the cars of your customers and employees in a short time for the next ride. The Delta DC Wallbox is a very compact 25 kW quick charger. Would you like to know more about the possibilities, for example how to efficiently combine a fast charger with regular charging stations? Please contact us.

Charging card

A charging card is free at an Eneco eMobility charging station. Would you rather buy a separate charging pass? This is possible for €3 per month. We use transparent charging rates: you pay one rate for charging at an Eneco charging station and one rate for charging at a non-Eneco charging station.

For quick charging we have two rates, depending on the operator. You can find our rates below.

Eneco eMobility Starttarief Tarief per kWh
Normaal laden    
Laden op een Eneco laadpunt € 0,00 € 0,21*
Laden op een niet-Eneco laadpunt € 0,61 € 0,36
Fastned € 0,61 € 0,59
Allego € 0,61 € 0,71


The prices shown on the right include VAT. The rates apply from 1 January 2018.

Do you charge abroad? Then you can use your Eneco charging card to use charging stations from Eneco Belgium, EV-Box, New Motion, Blue Corner and Allego. More information about charging abroad can be found below.

There are also a number of business locations with Eneco charging stations where a different charging rate applies (with a maximum of € 0.41).

Finally, some charging service providers charge a penalty rate if you keep a charging station occupied, without charging. Unfortunately, we have to pass on this rate to you.


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Ee Laadpaal