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100% green power

100% sustainable electric charging: Eneco eMobility makes it possible. With us, your electric car always drives 100% green. This way you drive CO2-neutral and you’re doing a good job every kilometre.


The power you use to charge your car is paid for with your charging card. This amount is often included in the lease amount that your employer pays. When you charge your car at home, your energy bill also rises. To ensure that you do not pay for the electricity twice (both via your pass and your energy bill), we reimburse your charged electricity on a monthly basis. We read out the charging station digitally and therefore have no contact with your electricity supplier for the settlement.


We supply and install charging stations throughout the Netherlands, both for business and home use. For home locations you can calculate the installation price in the webshop. Usually no installation check is needed here. For installations at business locations, our installer is happy to visit you before he draws up a quotation.

Smart Charging for business locations

A building has a limited power capacity. Yet you would like to charge as many cars as possible electrically. Smart Charging is a good solution. With Smart Charging, the available power capacity is distributed over the charging stations in use.

Load balancing for your home

Your house only has a limited power capacity. Yet you would like to charge your car electrically as soon as possible. With load balancing you make clever use of the moments when more power is available. So you charge faster when no devices are turned on, and slower when you run a load of laundry, for example.

The Charge Manager

Business customers with multiple charging stations will have access to the Charge Manager. This tool summarizes the most important figures and visualizes the use of charging stations in a series of graphs. For example, different locations can be compared in terms of occupancy, consumption and turnover.

The MijnLaden Web App

We offer the MijnLaden Web App specifically for drivers. It shows you at a glance how many kilometres you have driven and how much CO2 emissions you save. The MijnLaden Web App also provides insight into charging transactions and invoices and allows you to change your personal details such as your name and account number.


More electric charging with fewer charging stations? Our innovative WeCharge system allows you to make optimal use of a limited number of charging stations. With WeCharge, four cars can charge at a double charging station. When one car is fully charged, the plug will automatically unlock. This allows the next driver to use the charging station without anyone having to move his car.

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No investment

You don’t want to invest, but you do want to drive sustainably? We offer this at Eneco eMobility. From €2,50 per day we will provide you with a fully functioning charging station. Everything is included, from installation to administrative handling. And all this for the price of a cappuccino per day! Want to know more? Please contact us.


Ee Laadpaal
Ee Laadpaal